T.T. Jax’s story behind the name, Fresh Meat.

Glitter and Mold

Back in 2010 a long-pondered concept coalesced into a named idea: I wanted to edit a magazine for queer survivors, which I planned to call Fresh Meat. I’d known of the need for affirming materials for queer survivors since I was assaulted in 2007, but the years between did not lend well to editing literary projects. The name, Fresh Meat, initially came from a very clear cover art image that I intended (and intend) to make- a bloody steak covered in red glitter.

 At the time I lived with my kid and partner in my mother’s boatshed in Townsend, GA, a very small, very conservative, very rural town along the southern coast. We lived in the boatshed because the bank evicted us from our Atlanta rental after it went into foreclosure. Several months prior to eviction, persistent health issues arising from post traumatic stress disorder resulted in the loss of…

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